Sunday 24th January 2010

Added news page for 3210 and updated external links.


Friday 8th January 2010

Updated all the Combined Human Fleets details to the end of 3210 in the IISS section.


Wednesday 6th January 2010

In the IISS section, added the Military Balance page for 3210 and updated the political map of the Universe.


Saturday 1st November 2008

Updated all the Combined Human Fleets details to the end of 3209 in the IISS section.


Tuesday 21st October 2008

Added the IEN figures to the 3209 Military Balance page and finished off the news for 3209 and updated the Who's Who (link on Jim's website).


Saturday 27th September 2008

Added the 3209 Military Balance page in the IISS section and some more news stories.


Monday 22nd September 2008

News page for 3209 added and broken navigation links fixed.


Saturday 23rd February 2008

New political map of the Universe for 3209 (IISS section) and minor updates and corrections elsewhere.  Links page now has a link to the new GFA website.


Friday 25th January 2008

Completed News page for 3208 and updated other pages including the Who's Who pages (link on Jim's website).


Thursday 8th November 2007

New economic analysis link and political map of the Universe in the IISS section, and updates to the Military Balance page for 3208 and the CHIF and SSC fleet pages.  Additional news items added to the 3208 news page and minor amendments and corrections to various other pages in the site.  The Who's Who pages (link on Jim's website) have also been updated.


Friday 19th October 2007

Completed 3207 news page and added 3208 news page.  Updated the economic graphs and added some new ones (links in Economics section) and update Sanhedrin results page (political section).


Sunday 14th October 2007

Updated the Who's Who pages (link via Jim's site), added Ground Force statistics to the Military Balance page for 3208.


Wednesday 12th September 2007

Completed the 3207 News page and updated the IISS pages: 3208 Military Balance plus the allied fleet pages.


Sunday 8th April 2007

Added Seven Worlds Alliance in Q1 to Who's Who - link from HWP page on Jim's site.


Friday 9th March 2007

Updated the Centauri entry on the 3207 Military Balance page.


Monday 26th February 2007

Added the 3207 IISS Military Balance page.


Sunday 25th February 2007

Updated the 3207 News pages for Quarter 2 and 3, and filled in the blanks in the 3206 IISS page.


Sunday 29th October 2006

Added some news to and more figures to the 3206 IISS page.  Updated the allied fleet lists to 3207.150.


Sunday 22nd October 2006

News page for 3207 added as well as the IISS Military Balance (preliminary) figures for 3206.  Additional news story for 3206 (3206.221 Agama) added for completeness.  Updates to the Glossary and the Defence Ministry Org Chart.


Sunday 13th August 2006

Added more news for 3206 and updated the Who's Who (link on Jim's HWP page) to show the new Martian government.


Sunday 30th July 2006

Completed the 3205 news and added the 3206 news page.  Updated the budget figures for this year in the Economics section and completed the 3205 Military Balance figures - 3206 ones due shortly.  Added the Hustler election results to the Politics section


Sunday 2nd April 2006

Added the news page for 3205 and included some GFAN data in the 3205 Military Balance figures.


Saturday 4th February 2006

Added a new section called Did You Know? with (allegedly) interesting snippets about the Union of Xyon.  Completed the Venerian figures for 3205 in the IISS section.  Updated the Glossary and list of significant Xyonists in Social.  Also updated the Universal Who's Who (access via Jim's website).


Sunday 15th January 2006

Updated the list of allied fleets in the IISS section for 3205.


Thursday 5th January 2006

Updated the budget, expenditure and investment graphs in the Economics section for 3205.


Monday 2nd January 2006

Completed the News page for 3204, added the IISS figures for 3205, and updated the Who's Who list in Social.


Monday 22nd August 2005

Updated the Wolfer and Sirian IISS figures for 3204.


Sunday 26th June 2005 

Updated the allied fleet lists in the IISS section and the politics section to reflect the changes and results from the 3204 election.  Added some news items.


Monday 13th June 2005

Updated the Economics section with the 3204 figures.  Added Ambassadors page to the Who's Who (access via Jim's website).


Friday 10th June 2005

Military Balance figures for 3204 in the IISS section.


Wednesday 8th June 2005

News pages updated to cover the megagame (3203 Quarter 3 to 3204 Quarter 2) and the General Election on 3204.200


Monday 6th June 2005

Updated the allied fleets on the IISS page to include the new QDF0s and scouting commands.  Amended the links to Jim's site.


Tuesday 15th March 2005

Some more news in the News section prior to the megagame.


Sunday 6th March 2005

The IISS section now has updated lists of the Allied Fleets and the 3203 Military Balance figures have been amended slightly.  In the News section there is more news and now a special feature - Election 3204 Special - with the manifestos of the parties (abridged).  Also updated Who's Who (access via Jim's website).


Wednesday 16th February 2005

Completed the GFA expenditure figures on the Military Balance 3203 page and added the 3203 news page.


Wednesday 9th February 2005

Corrections to the Military Balance 3203 page.


Sunday 6th February 2005

Published the 3203 Military Balance page in the IISS section, complete now with link to a handy list of abbreviations. Updated population and economic references with latest figures and made minor changes/corrections to Social, Economic and History sections.


Sunday 12th December 2004

Updated Military Balance page and completed the news section for 3202.  Link changed to the new Earth Empire site. 


Monday 1st November 2004

Updated the news page and the Combined Human Fleets lists in the IISS section


Friday 10th September 2004

Military Balance page for 3202 added and corrected an error on the Q5DF page in the IISS section.  News page updated.


Wednesday 8th September 2004

Added new pages to the IISS section listing joint fleets and updated the 3202 news page.


Tuesday 3rd August 2004

Added more statistical analysis on the Military Balance page of the IISS section.  Link to the Quadrant Zero megagame site in the links section.  General tidy up of popup windows.


Wednesday 28th July 2004

Fixed the site so the navigation bar no longer disappears when the site is viewed within a frame on Jim's website.


Sunday 25th July 2004

Added a new IISS section and updated the 3202 budget projection & some company information on the SEoX page in the Economics section.  Updated the 3202 news page.


Friday 9th July 2004

Updated the ambassadors in the Who's Who & the Glossary in the Social section.  Added a link to the MAFC website in the Links section.  Updated the 3202 news page.