"Unity, Prosperity and Peace"


The motto of the Union of Xyon for nearly 300 years.  The Union is a society of like-minded systems dispersed over 8 of the 9 civilised quadrants with a population of 10 billion souls.  Freedom to express oneself and tolerance of others is the hallmark of Xyonist society.  The government leaves you free to get on with your own business and intervenes only where it is prudent and in order to promote the fundamental goals of us all:  through unity we achieve prosperity, and through prosperity we achieve peace. 


The people of the Union welcome outsiders, especially those interested in trade.  Interstellar commerce is the lifeblood of the civilised universe, which leads to prosperity for all and that in turn promotes peace.  Governments are not and never have been any good at running businesses, and here in the Union we recognise this.  Therefore, rest assured that the policies of the Union are focused on the needs of business.  After all, if you are making money, so are we!


Finally, the inhabitants of the Union are law abiding people and piracy will not be tolerated.  If you know who these people are, contact your local police department whereupon appropriate action will be taken.


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