30th Century  The Early Years
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30th Century UC

In the Beginning

At the the start of the 30th Century UC

2916 – Agama settled by a coalition of religious fundamentalists from old Earth, looking for a place to practice their beliefs free from interference, and a strong breakaway Belter mining faction attracted by Agama’s vast and rich asteroid belt.  The settlers were fiercely independent and highly suspicious of the Solar Republic.  Originally few in number, the settlers felt vulnerable to disaster, natural or otherwise, and so implemented policies aimed at encouraging population growth.  In addition they encouraged immigration from the older worlds, and implemented measures to attract free traders and Belters.  The settlers received a lot of help from sympathisers back on Earth and the Free Belters of Steelyard (High Land).

2924 – Breeding program begins.  A sense of insecurity bordering on paranoia, and a desire to be totally self-reliant led the settlers to adopt a breeding program to rapidly expand the population.  Necessity led the religious factions to go along with this, even if it were not strictly kosher.

2925.017 – Haggai colonised, again with assistance from Steelyard.  The Founders didn’t want all their eggs in one basket on Agama.

2943.051 – Taking advantage of Earth’s troubles elsewhere, the Union of Zion (or Zyon, depending on where you came from) was formed by Agama and Haggai, renouncing all allegiance to Earth.  The Hakamim (a.k.a. Founders) ruled with the support of an elected Sanhedrin.

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The Early Years

Over the next two decades tensions within the Union grew as the external threat to their independence dwindled.  The more orthodox religious groups wanted to put into practice their plans for the ‘Promised Land’ but these were increasingly at odds with the direction the Belters and Free Traders thought the Union should go.  In particular the orthodox wing wanted to end the breeding program which they regarded as being morally dubious.  The problem was that an increasingly large proportion of the population fell into this category and didn’t take too kindly to having the morality of their conception questioned.

This period saw the establishment of Maskalim, the ‘Enlightened Ones’, as the major political force that they remain to this day.  Maskalim had broad appeal across the political and religious spectrum.  The more pragmatic religious groups recognised the commercial advantage of cooperation with the Belters and Free Traders, who in turn were pleased to have more secular minded political allies amongst the majority population.

Maskalim and their allies eventually gained a majority in the Sanhedrin, representing the young, the Belters, business and the more progressive elements within society.  The Founders realised that they were gradually losing the argument and they started to co-opt Maskalim leaders into the Hakamim.  Eventually the two sides came to an accommodation: the breeding programme came to an end, although its legacy is the education system which endures on Agama, with only minor modifications, to this day.

In 2964 the Union of Xyon was 're-launched'.  Management consultants from Happy People came up with the name change to emphasise a new beginning and to end once and for all the argument about whether it was ‘Zion’ or ‘Zyon’.  Religious freedom, and freedoms in general, were enshrined in the amended constitution and the Union started to attract the adherents of religions other then the New Jewish Faith.  The Sanhedrin took over the day-to-day running of the Union with the Hakamim adopting its current role as a scrutinising and advisory body and guardians of the constitution.

For the remainder of the 30th Century Haggai, and Agama in particular, expanded rapidly.  Times were hard but this period laid the foundations for the current economic prosperity and established the Xyonist corporations. 


Esteeler War of Independence

It was also during this period that the Union found itself supporting the Esteelers in their war of independence of 2976.  Strong commercial ties had been developing with the Esteeler worlds and Xyonist merchants ran guns (and whiskey) to the rebels and the Xyonist government provided credits to the rebels to help them buy guns (and whiskey) from Xyonist merchants.  This is something the Martians have never forgotten!

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31st Century UC

3001.215 – Masada colonised, ahead of New Jerusalem due to funding hitches with the New Jerusalem project.

3002.172 – New Jerusalem colonised.

3016.320 – Baal joins the Union.  The first world to join the Union following a referendum.  Economic benefit was the primary motivation.

Gideon Braun, as Treasury Secretary in 3050, formulates his ‘Golden Rule’ of investment, which states that the Government of the Union will re-invest in all of its member systems every year.  This investment is done via agencies in an attempt to maximise economic efficiency.  The promise of investment, coupled with Most Righteous System Status (kosher stamp of approval that gives businesses registered in such systems a big advantage when trading with the Union as for all intents and purposes they are treated as Xyonists companies) proves successful in persuading new systems to join the Union.

The Union of Xyon appeals to those systems that value their independence but recognise the economic and security advantages of cooperation.  What motivates the Union to expand is primarily economics.  Additional members provide additional markets for Xyonist companies.

3053.001 – Aggadah votes to join the Union.

3054.001 – Tiel, Q7, votes to join the Union - the first member from outside Q0.

3056.001 Deadwood and Pineapple Manager vote to join the Union - the first members from Q8

3060.001 – Dubai, the first member from Q5, votes to join the Union.

3074.001 – Planum, the first member from Q4, votes to join the Union.

3090.001 – Dec, the first member from Q1, votes to join the Union.

Gideon Braun is one of the most famous Xyonist historical figures whose legacy is still felt today.  He  became Prime Minister in 3057, a post he held until 3071 when he joined the Hakamim, becoming one of the Quorum in 3075 and then Speaker in 3079.  He remained Speaker until his death in 3109.  His daughter, Prudence Braun, also entered politics and was Commercial Secretary in the 3090s before leaving politics to pursue a career in business, eventually becoming Chairman (the title has no gender bias in the Union) of Hanavi.

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32nd Century UC

3101.001 – Colli and Gum, the first members from Q2, vote to join the Union

3103.001 – Quoheleth and Hobbes, both in Q1, vote to join the Union

3124.001 – Drazi, Q5, votes to join the Union

3125.312 – Ritchie in Q4 joins the Union following intervention by Xyonist forces from Planum to end a Civil War

3151.001 – Akhenaton, Q2, votes to join the Union

3164.001 – V6 in Q7 votes to join the Union

3197 – Holocaust at Dubai and Drazi.  293 million souls lost in unprovoked attacks by the Exterminators on the Unions two colonies in Q5.  One of the few to escape was the current Secretary General of the Union, Leila Llwellyn, who was visiting Dubai electioneering at the time.

3198.001 V1, V2, Cone and Gagger, all in Q7, are accepted into the Union

3198.271 – Romulus votes to join the Union after Xyonist forces, invited by the government, intervene to restore order following years of unrest.  This is the first system in Q3 to join the Union.

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