In this section we bring you a series of short articles on a range of subjects, opening windows upon various aspects of society and culture in the Union of Xyon.


Pineapple Manager


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Pineapple Manager, Q8: how the enigmatic colony got its name.

Wolf-Badermann 3917 Prime was a colony established by the mega corporation Mars Securities originally for the purpose of testing weapons.  The company also came to build an explosives factory for the production of both civil and military grade explosives.  One production line specialised in a best selling fragmentation grenade which was nicknamed the Pineapple due to its resemblance to the tropical fruit.

The colony developed close ties with the nearby Deadwood system which was a major customer and also supplied the colony with most of its manufactured and luxury goods.  The Xyonist corporation Argov developed a major interest in the colony due to the ideal growing conditions for a variety of food products in its high and extensive mountain ranges. 

When Deadwood began negotiations to join the Union of Xyon, 3917 Prime did not want to get left out and so they also began accession talks to join the Union along with Deadwood.  These talks were led by one Monty Delaware, the production manager at the explosives factory, who was known as the Pineapple Manager, a reference to the best fragmentation grenades in the quadrant. 

When the official paperwork was being completed prior to joining the Union, the civil servants from the Ministry of Internal Affairs wanted to know by what name the colony of WB 3917 Prime wanted to be known.  Unfortunately, Monty missed a key meeting – some say he was still hung over after a wild night out on the town – when the appropriate forms were being filled in, and so the civil servants wrote “see Pineapple Manager” under the ‘Colony Name’ heading as he didn’t know Monty’s name.  But they never did see him.  Back on Agama the name Pineapple Manager got entered into the official records and back on ‘Pineapple Manager’ the locals erected a statue to Monty Delaware whose descendents still command considerable power and influence to this day.  The current Prime Minster ‘Tiger’ Lilly Delaware is a direct descendent of Monty, and his statue can still be seen in the market place of the capital.

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Mercenaries and the Union of Xyon

'Security Consultants’, or ‘Mercenaries’ as they are called in the Union, have been a fact of life throughout Xyonist history.  In the early days when resources were short they were often employed by the authorities as the ubiquitous militias found on Xyonist worlds could be reluctant to carry out certain tasks, or just plain incapable or unsuitably equipped. 

As the XDF developed in the 30th Century the demand for mercenaries from the authorities diminished and the mercenary companies started to look elsewhere for business.  A number of them were even absorbed into the XDF lock stock and barrel, which explains the colourful names that some of the PDF and UXM units have.  Today the local Knesset in each system can hire mercenary units if they so desire, but this is frowned upon by the federal authorities as the XDF is  there “to meet all your security needs”.

The Companies and Finance Law of 2945 recognises businesses that engaged in mercenary activities and they are treated like any other Xyonist company.  The term ‘Mercenary’ even appears on the company registration form in the list of ‘Activities Engaged In’.  Individuals can also declare themselves to be a self-employed or freelance mercenary. 

The Mercenary and Privateers Law (MPL) of 2981 formalised what was already happening in practice by permitting licensed mercenary companies to purchase arms and operate in and out of Xyonist territory.  Note that registration and licensing are separate issues, and that foreign mercenary companies can also be licensed in the Union.  Indeed, Pineapple Manager in Q8 has a long association with Martian mercenary units.  Licenses are issued at the discretion of the federal authorities. 

The MPL does place certain restrictions upon the size and activities of mercenary companies.  For instance, they are not allowed to concentrate military units in one system without the consent of the Shaliach (Governor), and this has tended to discourage the growth of large mercenary companies.  There are no companies in the SEoX 21 that list mercenary activities as a primary interest, but there are plenty of smaller ones in the SEoX All Shares.  Mercenary companies are also allowed to operate armed merchants (Privateers) up to Class 5000 (SG) level, and the Armed Merchant Legislation of 3201 allows licensed companies to operate AMI class vessels.  The only federal restriction on mercenary units carrying weapons is that they must be uniformed if carrying anything bigger than side arms.  Otherwise, the carrying, possession and use of weapons is regulated by the local Knesset.  They are permitted heavy weapons although most systems draw the line at allowing them to parade down the street in tanks!  What they do on private land is up to them. 

The MPL was amended in 3016 following a tragic incident on New Jerusalem which ended in a number of deaths when a mercenary unit on a training exercise came across a PDF unit not on a training exercise!  Now all training facilities and ranges must be identified to the local authorities and these are often located on islands, in remote corners of continents, or off world completely.

A mercenary company could have its license revoked if it engaged in activates in breach of federal or local laws.  What they get up to outside of Xyonist space is of less concern, but they would be wise not to undertake activities which run contrary to the interests of the Union, or cause embarrassment.  One such incident was the BKM Affair where evidence from GFA authorities and an undercover operation by A’man implicated the company in piracy in Q7.  The scandal resulted in the company being closed down, its assets seized, and its directors – Messrs Bonnie, Kidd and Morgan – imprisoned.

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